Lesson #91: Greenland and Stuff

Okay, so we had a geeky night in tonight that involved me, my friends and my housemates sitting around drinking and wondering about things that most people don’t think about…like the population of Greenland and whether or not they sent a team to Vancouver, the origin of the Celts,  moving an entire Swedish town, polar bear habitat, and self-fellatio for both men and women. I have no idea what people did before wireless internet.

The answers are: about 56,700 (though we never did discover what the population distribution was) and no, modern day Austria, the town of Kiruna, northern Canada/Alaska and parts of Greenland, Svalbard and Russia, and dear God, I’m not sure we wanted to see that, but apparently it can be done.

I may or may not get around to expanding this entry later. It depends on how ambitious I am…and how much I want to explain the flexibility and physics of what we thought was impossible and/or myth as regards masturbation on a blog my parents read.

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