Lesson #88: My Favourite Movie

I’m having a cheating day of sorts. I was busy today and when I wasn’t busy, I sat myself in front of my computer with a beer and watched my very favourite movie of all time.

And I learned that even though I’ve probably seen said movie about 100 times, I can still see things I’ve never seen before. In fact, today I noticed two actors in very small parts who I hadn’t noticed were in it, one detail of a meal at the end of the film that tied back to a line at the beginning and a continuity error. I like that I can see the same movie so many times and still have it be new in ways.*

On a completely unrelated note, I learned that sardines that are over 6″ in length are sometimes called pilchards. Also, there are 21 species of fish classified as sardines. Oddly, I learned that from a friend’s Facebook status update. Yup, my friends are nerds too!

*Although, admittedly, I’m pretty close to being at the point where there’s nothing new for me to see.

**Sort of. It’s apparently a sort of back fields kind of thing where riders take their horses over hedges and stuff. But I’ve never been and there’s beer and I’ve got nothing better to do, so why not?

2 thoughts on “Lesson #88: My Favourite Movie

  1. Rachel says:

    Bull Durham?

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