An Addendum to Lesson #73: The Mad King of England

I was catching up on episodes of a quiz show that airs here called University Challenge.* It’s like Jeopardy, but hard. In an average half hour show, which actually runs commercial-free for a full half hour, I answer somewhere between 6-9 questions correctly, so I’m always pretty pleased with myself when I get something right.** Seriously, that show makes me feel like a simpleton.

One of the questions was asked a question along the lines of “Richard, Duke of York was appointed regent after this King of England was declared insane.” I was pretty excited to have known that one. I wrote about the Wars of the Roses recently and I like it when my learning random stuff for no reason pays off.

*I do not know how people lived without DVRs or television on the internet.

**Although they missed a gimme on a question about a Mozart aria in which they had to give the character and the name of the opera the aria was taken from. It wasn’t like it was one of the more obscure arias. It was Deh vieni alla finestra from Don Giovanni. Then again, half the time, they know answers to ridiculously obscure things like unfinished Coleridge poems or chemistry things that fifty total people know, and then state that Slovenia borders the Czech Republic and Romania  — I’ll let you do the math on that one.

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