Lesson #85: Fireflies on the British Isles

Urban Planner Housemate and I decided to watch a movie tonight. I didn’t care what we watched, so he perused the house’s small, but odd, movie collection and came across an anime film (belonging to Club Manager Housemate) called Grave of the Fireflies. Apparently it’s a classic. Until tonight, I had never seen any anime, so I don’t know the difference one way or the other. Anyway, early in the movie it comes out that he’s never seen a firefly.

My soul cries. I *love* fireflies.

This led us to a half hour discussion after the movie (which is incredibly depressing) about whether or not there are fireflies on the British Isles. It turns out that there are a few counties in England that have fireflies, but they do not live on the Isle of Man or Ireland. Which explains why he’s never seen one.

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