Lesson #77: Failure

I went looking for some specific information today and failed. I tend to do this thing where I put on some music and then tune it out while I focus on other things — in this case an article I’m writing — only to tune back in and find myself singing along. This happens on songs I know really well, but I have no idea if I’ve been singing along the whole time or if my starting to sing along is what has brought the music back into focus. It’s entirely possible that I started singing along and because I know the song so well, my consciousness doesn’t need to be aware of it for it to happen, so it just went completely unnoticed by my consciousness. There must be some science to this…the training of the mind to associate specific words with specific music without conscious thought, but I can’t find anything about it. Lame.

Also, today is St. David’s Day. He’s the patron saint of Wales. And the only patron saint of the British Isles who is actually from the place for which he is the patron saint.


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