Lesson #75: A Little Bit of Everything

Well, not everything. I’ve had an odd day today. I’m dog-sitting for The Vet while she and Lawyer Housemate are in England for the England/Ireland Six Nations rugby match courtesy of one of Lawyer Housemate’s super rich clients. So I’ve had the dog. She’s a great dog, but she doesn’t love that The Vet and Lawyer Housemate are gone. She’s not a dog that can be in a room without a person, or even in a room with a person who is reading. She’s been needy. In fact, I put her to bed an hour ago and she’s still whining. I’m resisting the urge to go down and get her.

So what I’ve learned today has been sort of stunted and distracted and wholly un-useful.

1. While a dog may know to walk to heel, it may just decide to be spiteful and not do that at all, even when commanded and/or bribed with treats.

2. The third for the Canadian men’s curling team is GORGEOUS. And a fireman in his non-curling life. *swoon*

Autobiographical note: Club Manager Housemate, a friend of his and I spent two and a half hours watching the final and mocking ourselves over the fact that it was 1 on a Saturday night and we were watching curling. Completely sober.

3. One of my cousins works for a company that sponsors the curling team the aforementioned super hot guy* curls for and curls with him once or twice a year at corporate events. I know this because after I made a comment on my Facebook about the hotness, he sent me a picture from last winter that said “I think you’ll like the guy on my right. I’ll say hi for you the next time I see him.”

4. Having nothing to do with learning anything specific, this is a video clip of exactly why I love books.

*Super hot guy actually has a name. It’s John Morris.

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