Lesson #59: Lost’s Life and Death Theme

Post #2 of the Practical Application Series*

We have a piano in the dining room of my house. And with the exception of Urban Planner Housemate who doesn’t actually know how to play**, I am the only person in the house who plays it. It’s a shame because I am pretty sure Lawyer Housemate is a better than I am.

Anyway, I was watching some of the bonus features in the LOST season 4 box set (a present from my brother!) last night and there was a really interesting feature on the music of the show and how the Philharmonic in Honolulu did a whole concert of its music. Which is pretty awesome. So I was practicing this morning and decided to see if I could figure out how to play the Life and Death Theme…it’s not a complicated piece of music, surely I could teach it to myself, right?

It took me all of about ten minutes. What can I say, I’ve got mad skills.***

*The Practical Application Series does not actually exist, which should be obvious since this is only the second practical application post.

**His instrument is guitar, but honestly, he has a much better understanding of music theory than I do, so he can sit and make something up in his head that sounds good and play it based on the way chords move. I, on the other hand, can play the piece if you put it in front of me, but couldn’t even begin to tell you why it moves the way it does.

***Okay, I have grade 8 piano and advanced classical training on another instrument besides. It’s practically cheating.

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