Lesson #56: Daylight

I live in a place where, in the summer, it is never fully dark for very long. It’s about three hours between the time you stop seeing light and the time you start seeing it again. Which would be stellar if, you know, I also lived in a place where the sun shone on a regular basis like my Swedish and Alaskan friends.  Unfortunately, I live in a place where it rains. All the time.*

Anyway, I was cruising around trying to learn something today – seriously, some days lessons fall into my lap and some days I spend hours just trying to learn something that isn’t trivial – and came across something really cool. If you’re ever out hiking (not impossible in my world) or drinking on the beach (also not impossible in my world) or whatever and you want to know how much time you’ve got before the sun goes down, here’s a good way to find out!

Hold your hand up under the bottom of the sun. However many fingers it takes to get to the horizon, with each finger representing 15 minutes, is the amount of time you have left before the sun is gone for the day. 3 fingers? 45 minutes. 6 fingers? An hour and a half. Cool, huh?

*Except when I’ve made a big deal of my parents bringing rain gear for their holiday and then it won’t rain the entire two weeks they’re in the country.

One thought on “Lesson #56: Daylight

  1. Rachel says:

    This is awesome… I’m going to share this with Nic!

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