Lesson #50: The Physics of the Lost Universe

My very favourite TV show starts its final season tonight and I could not be more excited! I have watched LOST religiously since the very first episode and even stuck with it through its sort of muddled fourth season* and the fact that they killed off two of my three favourite characters in season 3. I was annoyed when they killed Mr. Eko,** but I nearly swore off the show completely when they killed Charlie.*** I still miss Charlie even though he’s been gone for two seasons now. At least I still have Desmond.****

Anyway, now that you’re caught up on my favourite characters, which matters, you know, not at all…

I found this article on the feasibility of the physics of time travel in the LOST universe by way of the Discovery Channel science page today. Apparently, they’re doing well with continuity and the laws of physics, which is pretty awesome!

If we’re being honest, when the LOST writers first presented the whole time travel idea to me, I was on board because I thought it was fleeting. I was in for the whole Vonnegut-ian “Billy Pilgrim has become unstuck in time” aspect.***** But when it didn’t go away, I went “you have got to be kidding me.” Pure science fiction has never really been my forte. I don’t like how quickly it can become utterly ridiculous.****** I need substance with my impossibility. Or Simon Pegg and a Russian with difficulties pronouncing the word Victor (seriously, that makes me laugh EVERY time). But now that I see that there’s a purpose and direction to it, it has grown on me. I don’t so much know what the purpose and direction are, but I know that they’re there. And until they end the series in May without telling me that, knowing that they’re there is good enough for me.

I’m still mad about Charlie though.

*Though to be honest, my favourite episode of the entire series, The Constant, aired in the middle of the fourth season. It changed the game completely and has become the cornerstone for all the discussions on time travel in the LOST universe.

**A friend of mine in a European capital I used to live in went on a date with him — the actor, not the character — while he was in town filming a movie. It ended kind of creepily.

***In fact, after Charlie’s tragic (and heartbreaking) death at the end of season 3, I emailed my mother and said, “if they kill Desmond off, I’m done with this show.”

****Desmond is easily the best character of the entire run of the show. And not just because you find out at the beginning of season 5 that he named his son Charlie.

*****If you haven’t read Slaughterhouse-Five, I highly, highly recommend it.

******Says the girl who watches ‘Eureka’, but I tend to do much better with ridiculous science fiction when at no point does the show take itself seriously and relies on tongue-in-cheek ridiculous science fiction and cheesy dialogue. It’s like a high-tech 50s B movie.

One thought on “Lesson #50: The Physics of the Lost Universe

  1. Corinna says:

    OMG Lost!!!
    Also, I could totally see how a date with Mr. Eko could end creepily. He’s pretty creepy in general, not just as a character.

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