Lesson #40: Formatting a Hard Drive

Disquisitive 1, Dell 0. I hope.*

I formatted my hard drive yesterday afternoon after giving up hope that waiting until tomorrow was going to work. I’m mostly not bad at it. There were a few calls to my brother in Massachusetts and more than one call to tech support — who half the time can’t find my system and for some reason think I’m running a system I’m not when they *can* find me — but with the exception of some of the drivers being problematic, I was able to figure it out on my own.

Okay, not on my own. At no point was I blessed with some inherent understanding of the way computer guts work. Really, I did what anyone does. I looked it up. I would have used my brother straight away except that his phone was off when I decided to do it, so when he called two hours later, I was already well into the process.

Oh, and through some trial and error, quite a bit of which involved me sitting on the stairs, attached to the cable modem at 2am. Does this driver fix the wireless problem?  No? Okay, I don’t know what that does, but it’s a driver for this computer so I guess leaving it is fine. How about this one? No? Okay. This one? Yay! I HAVE WIRELESS! I AM A COMPUTER GENIUS!**

So anyway, I now have a computer that works. And since the AFC/NFC championships are today, that’s all that matters. But I’m still getting a Mac on my next go at a new computer. There’s absolutely no reason for which I should have to reformat a hard drive five months after having a new one installed.

*Yes, Mom, of course I backed everything up. That’s a lot of music and pictures to lose.

**I am choosing to ignore the fact that if I were a computer genius I’d have had it all figured out much sooner than 8 hours after I started, though three of those hours involved fighting with the Dell support website just to get the drivers downloaded in the first place.

One thought on “Lesson #40: Formatting a Hard Drive

  1. Rachel says:

    DUDE. I just formatted mine, reinstalled Windows XP, installed drivers, and now currently have the internet working on my computer again. A) I feel your pain, B) I, too, felt like a f-ing genius when it actually worked today, and C) I had only a little help from MY brother in NYC… over the telephone. Never go through Dell customer service, if at all avoidable!

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