Lesson #38: Anvil Shooting

So there I am, just minding my own business looking for something to distract me from my research for a few minutes and what do I find? A video in which someone who is apparently the world record holder in anvil shooting manages to launch an anvil a couple hundred feet into the air.


So it turns out that every April, a little town in Mississippi called Laurel hosts the World Anvil Shooting Championships. The point? To launch an anvil as high in the air as possible using gunpowder.*

It’s pretty awesome!

*A video explaining anvil shooting is here, a video of world champion anvil shooter Gay Wilkinson can be seen here, an awesome video from a demonstration can be watched here and a really great article from the St. Louis News, which includes quotes from Wilkinson, among others, and descriptions of the rules and classes of the championships can be read here.


2 thoughts on “Lesson #38: Anvil Shooting

  1. Bobby says:

    There is some more information about anvil shooting at anvilshooting.com

    You can see some videos here: http://anvilshooting.com/videos.html

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