Lesson #35: In Heaven, There is Beer

Well, if you believe in Norse mythology, then in heaven there is beer. Sort of. Really, it’s mead. Which can be made with hops to be beer-like, but usually it isn’t, so it’s more like wine.

In Norse mythology, when a person dies in battle, they are transported by valkyries to a giant hall in Asgard called Valhalla, which is overseen by the god Odin.*

In Valhalla, there is a goat called Heiðrún (Heidrun), who eats leaves and produces an endless supply of mead from her teats.**

So basically, if you were a Norse warrior and you fell in battle, you had a pretty sweet afterlife waiting for you.

*Yes, Wagner had an obsession with Norse mythology and that’s where we got one of the greatest compositions in the history of music, The Ring Cycle, an epic four-opera (The Rhinegold, The Valkyrie, Siegfried and Twilight of the Gods) series which includes one of my all-time favourite pieces of music, ‘Siegfried’s Funeral March’ from Twilight of the Gods.

**There’s a meadery in Northern California called Heidrun Meadery. Which is awesome!

One thought on “Lesson #35: In Heaven, There is Beer

  1. rita says:

    oh, yeah. Der Ring des Nibelungen. i missed that 30-hour opera when they performed in town. sad part is, the theater is only 10 min walk from home! my excuse is, we were driving in from our week-long holiday when i noticed the ad and it was just over. don’t forget, through Wagner, that’s where Tolkien found the inspiration to write the famous, Lord of the Rings. i still like Der Ring des Nibelungen better, though.

    anyhoodles, i guess i won’t survive heaven. mead is just too sweet for me. hee-hee.

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