Lesson #16: Hockey Canada

Since technically speaking this blog doesn’t take effect until Friday, I don’t really feel too badly* about having missed the last two days. In my defence, I was driving all day on Monday and flying all day yesterday. And since I’m off to Budapest tomorrow morning for a week with some friends, there will likely be a very long post when I get back on the 7th with seven things I learned. They’ll probably be bullet pointed. And related to Hungary and Budapest. Just so you know.

Anyway, in honour of Hockey Canada releasing the Olympic roster for Vancouver today, which includes my favourite player, Jarome Iginla**, here’s a bit of Canada’s hockey history.

International record: 839-410-123

First international competition: 10 January 1910 against Switzerland at Les Avants, CH, an 8-1 victory.

Biggest win: A 47-0 drubbing of Denmark on 12 February, 1949 in Stockholm.

Biggest defeat: An 11-1 loss to the Soviet Union on 24 April, 1977 in Vienna.

Team Canada has made 20 Olympic appearances, the first in 1920, and won 7 golds, most recently in 2002, 4 silvers and 2 bronze medals. They have shown 67 times in the IIHF since 1920 and won 18 gold medals, most recently in 2007, 13 silver, their two most recent in overtime losses to Russia in the gold medal game of the World Championships in 2008 and 2009, and 9 bronze, the most recent of which was in 1995. They are also the current holders of the World Cup of Hockey (formerly the Canada Cup) title, which was last played in 2004 and will be played again in 2011, so don’t ask me about the regularity of it.***

*Completely unrelated, every time I write the word badly with the verb to feel I think of the movie Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang (which is absolutely hilarious and hugely underrated).

**He’s not got the speed and finesse of a lot of the players in the NHL, but he always plays hard, he’s never dirty, he’s always among the league leaders in points and he isn’t afraid to drop his gloves. You can’t hate a guy who’s down for a few Gordie Howe Hat Tricks. Plus he donates money to charity for every goal he scores. You can’t hate that either.

***All of this can be found here.


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