Lesson #14: Cadaver Effigies and Jane Austen Are Not as Unrelated as You Think

While trying to find information on something wholly unrelated (and failing at everything but learning the name of a long-dead bishop/scholar*), I discovered by accident that Jane Austen is interred in Winchester Cathedral in Winchester, England. People more well-read than I probably knew that; I suppose it’s not a secret. Then again, I’ve never been much of a Jane Austen fan. Mr. Darcy does nothing for me. I’m a philistine, I know — though I prefer to think of it as being a non-romantic.

An interesting post by the Jane Austen Society of Australia on why a (then) relative unknown is buried in the cathedral with Anglo-Saxon kings and medieval bishops can be found here.

*Dear internet, you are not the magical tool I thought you were. If you can teach me about astrophysics, why can’t I learn what is in the hand of the cadaver effigy of Richard Fox?

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