Lesson #8: Slew-footing

Early in the season, (read: before the league-wide knee-on-knee contact discussions that are omnipresent at the moment) a friend and I were watching a Devils game in which someone was sent to the box for kneeing. Both of us went, “is that even a real thing?” This led us to the NHL rulebook where we found that yes, kneeing is, in fact, a real thing. It’s rule 50, as it happens.

So what other hockey rules would I hear and ask “is that even a real thing?” Slew-footing. I probably wouldn’t have believed that head-butting was a real penalty either, but for the Zidane-Materazzi confrontation in the last World Cup.

Slew-footing is essentially being a big jerk. It’s using your foot or leg to sweep a player’s feet out from under him. It is also pushing a player backwards while sweeping his feet out from under him with a forward motion causing a violent fall. The penalty? An appropriate match penalty.*

*That’s the one where you get to go sit in the locker room, think about what you did and possibly make bets with the clubbie about the duration of your suspension and amount of your fine.

One thought on “Lesson #8: Slew-footing

  1. Rachel says:

    Haha I’d forgotten about this! So crazy. I’m naming my next pet Slew Foot.

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